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Cruise Lady now offers an exciting lecture series with many of our popular, edifying, and entertaining headliners who travel with us and lecture on cruises and land tours all over the world! Our schedule is below with additional dates to be announced. These lectures will be held in our new Cruise Lady Event Center located at 9118 S. Redwood Road, West Jordan, Utah (behind the Cruise Lady office).The lectures will be held from 7-9pm. Some headliners will have book signings after the lecture. Due to limited seating reservations are required. Please contact Cruise Lady at 801-453-9444 or 888-707-4386 to register.

Cost: $8 per person per lecture for the 2015 season – Reservations are required to attend all lectures. 

Reservations are transferable and can be exchanged for a different date. Tickets are non-refundable within a week of the lecture and non-changeable within 48 hours of the lecture.

Special Individual Discount Packages for 2015: $70 for 10 lectures ($7 per lecture)

Valid thru December 31, 2015.

Cost for the 2016 season is $9 per person per lecture. Special Individual Discount Packages for 2016: $80 for 10 lectures ($8 per lecture)

*The personal comments regarding the headliners, their speaking styles, and/or their lecture topics are from Diane Larsen, President of Cruise Lady who has known and traveled with them for many years. She loves these amazing authors and/or lecturers and is confident that you will love them too!! If you click on the

October 9 (Friday), 2015 – A Wonderful Date Night – Eric Huntsman

“The Footsteps of Jesus: Remembering His Miracles”

Eric just came out with a wildly-popular book called “Miracles.” He will share some of the amazing miracles that Jesus performed and even one in his own life. He has such a dynamic speaking style and will also couple that with a powerful powerpoint presentation. He is passionate about his lectures and he always gives them his heart and soul. He is very exciting to listen to and keeps his audience always involved in his lecture. You will feel inspired and edified by his presentation. His love for the Savior is so obvious in his inspired words. Eric Huntsman will only become more and more in demand with each book he writes. You will like him and enjoy a very special and loving date night. We are sure going to join Eric for this special evening.

October 12 (Monday), 2015 – A Memorable Family Home Evening with Brad Wilcox

“What Do You Get for Being a Mormon?”

Have your kids ever moaned and groaned about having to attend church or live the standards? Maybe what they need is a good reminder of some of the benefits of being LDS that they are overlooking! Brad Wilcox can do that. One of the greatest things about Brad is that he can reach listeners of all ages. He has a great way with children and youth as well as adults. Come join Brad for this Family Home Evening and don’t be afraid to bring the whole crew. Brad will include stories that will keep everyone interested and entertained as he helps them recognize the blessings–spiritual and temporal–that we enjoy because we are members of the Church. Who knows? He may even even throw in a group game and for sure Cruise Lady is providing the refreshments! You can’t lose!
*Children 12 and under $5 per person

October 14 (Wednesday), 2015 – Daniel C. Peterson

“The Beauty, the History, and the Challenge of the Holy Lands”

I have been travelling to Israel (and at times also to Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt) with Dan Peterson (and his terrific wife Debbie) for about 8 years. The Petersons used to live in Israel (and Egypt too!) and love taking groups there every April. Dan is absolutely brilliant and yet so relatable to everyone he knows or addresses. His knowledge doesn’t seem to end and yet he constantly slides in humor which totally delights his audience. Dan is also very comfortable with a Q and A about the Middle East. I am sure that you will find this evening fascinating. Dan’s Israel land tour April 2016 is already sold out to a private group, however check back after January 2nd to see if some availability has re-opened. Daniel Peterson is also now scheduled for April 30, 2017 (he is in such high demand!) for Jordan, then Israel, and possibly an optional tour to Egypt or Turkey. That date can now be reserved to guarantee you will go to Israel with the Petersons.

October 17 (Saturday), 2015 – Brent Top

Lecture 1: “THE LIFE BEFORE: How Our Life THEN and THERE Affects Us HERE and NOW.” (This is a 2-lecture series: “BEYOND THE VEIL OF MORTALITY—BEFORE AND AFTER.” These two lectures will explore what the scriptures and prophets have taught about the bookends of mortality because the Lord has revealed many important truths that are hidden from the world. Lecture 2 will be Monday, November 9.)

Although we experience a “veil of forgetfulness” when we come to earth and can’t remember our premortal world, there is much more that has been revealed on this topic than most think. This lecture will examine what the prophets and scriptures teach about the conditions and principles that prevailed there and how who we were and what we did there continues to affect us here on earth. Specifically we will examine how agency and the atonement operated there, and what foreordination really means. This deeply insightful lecture will be very memorable. You won’t want to miss it—we sure won’t! Brent top is amazing as you will see!

October 20 (Tuesday), 2015 – John (Jack) Welch

“Discovering Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon”

Jack Welch was a missionary in Germany when he discovered Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon. He tells his fascinating story of how that major discovery took place and how it has impacted his life. This is an amazing story told by an amazing scholar. Jack Welch is brilliant – the perfect word to describe him. I feel privileged to travel with him (and his wife Jeannie) and to truly get to know him as a person. In his calm and down-to-earth speaking style he will share his remarkable story with us at our “Learn Our Religion” lecture series. Thanks Jack! I really appreciate you. **FYI–Michael Ballam recently referred to Jack at a joint cruise event as “the biggest brain in the room” and it was a big group! Everyone just smiled in total agreement. He really is truly amazing!

October 28 (Wednesday), 2015 – Jack Marshall

“Understanding Adversity: Why this? Why now? Why me?”

If you have problems in your life (and who doesn’t?), don’t assume there is something wrong with you. Struggling with those problems is at the very core of life’s purpose. As we draw closer to God, He will show us our weaknesses and through them make us wiser and stronger. Most often those weaknesses reveal themselves through trials. I have traveled with Jack Marshall (and his wonderful wife Liz) for many years and his continual uplifting attitude and loving perspective in dealing with all kinds of adversity never ceases to amaze me. Jack and I have shared some very similar challenges in life and he has remained a dear friend who offers loving hope in ALL circumstances. Let him reach out to us with a different perspective (and at times some very-welcomed humor) to edify, educate, and uplift us as we deal with our challenges of mortality. We will leave this evening feeling more loved and hopeful which will impact and inspire us in our daily life. Thank you Jack for the wonderful work that you do and for the knowledge that you so willingly share.

November 9 (Monday), 2015 – Brent Top

Lecture 2: “THE LIFE AFTER: How Understanding DEATH Enriches LIFE”

“What is this thing that men call death?” This lecture will examine what we know from the restored gospel about the conditions of the spirit world and capacities of spirit bodies. This doctrine is not only interesting but also very inspiring—bringing comfort and eternal perspective to all who have lost loved ones and wondered how and what they are doing now. Elder Orson Pratt explained that the more we learn of this important topic the more it will motivate us to live our earthly lives well and enrich our mortal relationships as we prepare for eternity. As Shakespeare wrote: “Be prepared for death and then either death or life will thereby be the sweeter.” What a loving and comforting lecture by a truly inspiring lecturer.

November 11 (Wednesday), 2015 – John Lund

“Take Your Love to Your Family and Your Frustrations to the Lord”

I asked John to give this lecture because it is my favorite inspiring and edifying lecture that he gives when we are out to sea. I love it and so do the people on our cruises. His message is very powerful and uplifting….and freeing. I think all of us at times get confused as to how to deal with the challenges in our lives and/or with some family members. He shares very personal stories and concepts that have helped so many people. Although he is known so much for his incredible humor, this particular lecture is kind, loving, and so forgiving. I think everyone should hear this extraordinary message. He will spiritually uplift us and give us some welcomed instruction and loving relief. Don’t miss this one — we sure won’t!

November 13 (Friday), 2015 – Jack Marshall

“Doctrines on Marriage: Love is a work of Heart”

All marriages are happy–it’s the living together afterward that causes all the trouble! Occasionally, we may hear a spouse say, “We have been married for fifty years, and we have never had a difference of opinion.” If that is literally the case, then one of the partners may be overly dominated by the other or is a stranger to the truth. Any “normal” couple will have differences of opinion. Our challenge is to be sure that we know how to resolve them — that is part of the process of making a good marriage better. Jack Marshall is a retired Institute instructor, an author of many books, a popular BYU Education Week speaker, a husband and father of 5, and has an incredibly engaging personality. He is a very in-demand lecturer because of his down-to-earth yet upbeat personality, his creative teaching style, and his very funny sense of humor. Join Jack and Liz Marshall for a very memorable and enjoyable Friday Date Night. I know that Larry and I will be there too because we always have such a good time with the Marshalls… and you will too!

December 7 (Monday), 2015 – A Home Evening with Susan & George – Susan Easton Black & George Durrant

“Joseph Smith: Candidate for United States President”

In this lecture Susan will tell us how real Joseph Smith’s bid for the presidency was, what may have happened if he wasn’t imprisoned and eventually martyred.  This is a U.S. History lesson and L.D.S. Church History lesson you won’t want to miss, delivered one of the Church’s leading authorities on the life of Joseph Smith.  Susan and George will have just returned from another mission to Nauvoo. Let’s enjoy a fun and edifying evening with this dynamic team. They are always in hot demand for speaking engagements so we are happy to offer a cozy evening with them upon their return to Utah. Come and enjoy! They are just delightful.  This would make a great empty-nester home evening.
Kevin and denise cropped

December 9 (Wednesday), 2015 – Kevin & Denise Miller

“He Said, She Said: REALLY Understanding Each Other”

Kevin and Denise Miller have presented this fun and engaging seminar all over the world helping men and women understand the myriad of ways we are different in how we communicate, solve problems and interact with each other.  Kevin was another great find at Education Week this last year (even though he has been speaking there for year’s — this was our first encounter with him and we loved him). In this presentation, you will learn how these differences come from five roots.  The Millers have engaging PowerPoints, fun video clips, cartoons, and a very useful handout.  You will leave better equipped to understand and connect with your mate, your family, and at work.  You won’t want to miss it.

December 11 (Friday), 2015 – Friday Date Night with John and Kim Bytheway

“Five Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Marriage”

John and Kim Bytheway gave this joint Friday Date Night last year and everyone really enjoyed it so I asked them to repeat it. They have great stories, lots of humor, and even a sweet duet. This Friday Date Night will be fun and yet peppered with great ideas to enhance our marriages. This evening will be so much more enjoyable than a movie at the same price but you will feel happy for sure and enjoy light refreshments which they don’t give at movies plus some great “hanging out” time with John and Kim Bytheway. Give yourself a memorable Date Night and go home with some new fun ideas. Thanks John and Kim…..I know it will be great……again! We will be there too, learning and laughing along with everyone else!

there too, learning and laughing along with everyone else!

December 14 (Monday), 2015 – Family Home Evening – D. Kelly Ogden

“The Birth of Jesus”

As we approach Christmas time, during this hour and a half we will—through unique photos of the Holy Land—highlight the prophecies of the Savior’s birth and their fulfillment. We will explore the sacred doctrines involved in God’s own Son coming into the world, especially the connection between the way He was born and the way He died, in order to save us all.

December 16 (Wednesday), 2015 – Another FREE Lecture from the Founder and President of Cruise Lady, Diane Larsen

“The Holy Land — A Must-see: Jordan, Israel, Turkey & Egypt”

Diane begins a new series of FREE lectures of “Favorite International Destinations of LDS Travelers.”  Over the years Diane has been asked to rate her personal favorite, and the favorite destinations of other LDS travelers.  The Holy Land is at the top of everyone’s list.  Diane will share pictures and stories about the places and people who have touched her heart and those who have traveled with her.  This is your opportunity to glean insights to the Holy Land from someone who has been there three times a year for the last nine years.  She will tell you, and show you, what are the “must-sees” and what are the “must-dos” of Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt.

January 4 (Monday), 2016 – Starting the New Year off with a Spiritual Bang of a Family Home Evening – D. Kelly Ogden

“The Miracle of the BYU Jerusalem Center”

Get the story in pictures and words from someone who was there.  Kelly Ogden gives you some of the behind the scenes details of who, how, and the miracles that surrounded the dream, realization, construction, and future of the BYU Jerusalem Center.  You will be glad you were there to see and hear this one.
“Adam-Ondi-Ahman:  Sacred History and Future Promises”
Hear the stories of the past and the prophecies of the future as we explore the sacredness of Adam-Ondi-Ahman through pictures, maps, geography, scripture, and the teachings of Joseph Smith.  Elder McConkie stated, “It is the least known and least understood thing connected with the Second Coming.  It might well be termed the best-kept secret set forth in the revealed word.  It is something about which the world knows nothing about.”


January 26 (Tuesday), 2015 – YOU Have the Power to Change the World – Kathy Headlee Miner

“Happiness is a Choice”

The founder of Mothers without Borders asks, “Why does happiness seem so elusive during times of stress and trouble?”  The answer is simple . . . we choose fear rather than love.
Come hear as Kathy tells us the real-life stories of men and women from around the world who have faced enormous difficulties and how they found the power to choose happiness.  You will discover your power to change the way you react in difficult situations, and create consistent joy in spite of your circumstances.

February 11 (Thursday), 2016 – Curtis Jacobs

“The Church and the 2nd Coming: Great? Dreadful? or Both?”

Curtis was one of our favorite BYU Education Week lecturers we are confident you will like his insights into the Second Coming.  Curtis is an institute teacher at Utah State University.  In this presentation he will address some of the warnings and blessings of being a member of the Church in these last days.